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We bring our mobile petting program to your business offices and sites (indoors and outdoors) extending the therapeutic benefits to your employees, customers, partners, their families and your local community.

Proudly Trusted by Google, Tesla, Rivian, Baidu, Stanford University and Santa Clara University. 

Benefits to your employees 

Stress Reduction & Mental Well-being:

For both employees and their families, spending time with animals, such as bunnies, can significantly reduce stress levels and promote mental well-being. Introducing Bunny Gurus to your workplace and family events can serve as a therapeutic outlet, leading to reduced stress and increased overall happiness.

Employee Engagement & Motivation:

A Bunny Gurus visit can be a unique and exciting experience for both employees and their families. Interacting with adorable bunnies can uplift spirits and create cherished memories for everyone involved, leading to increased employee engagement and motivation.

Supporting Workforce Well-being Holistically:

By offering Bunny Gurus sessions during family events, you are supporting the well-being of your employees holistically. Happy and supported families lead to happier and more motivated employees, resulting in a positive and harmonious work environment.

Team-Building & Family Bonding:

Bunny Gurus sessions can serve as team-building activities during family events. Families working together to care for and enjoy the bunnies can strengthen bonds and improve communication among family members, reinforcing the sense of a supportive community within your organization.

Benefits to Families & the Community 

Family-Friendly Workplace:

Companies that prioritize family-friendly initiatives tend to attract and retain top talent. Offering Bunny Gurus sessions during family events, "Bring Your Family to Work" days, or special family outings demonstrates your commitment to supporting your employees' family life, contributing to a positive work environment.

Enhancing Work-Life Balance:

Supporting employees in maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for their well-being. Bunny Gurus sessions during family events can provide a fun and relaxing activity for families, fostering stronger bonds between employees and their loved ones.

Memorable and Inclusive Events:

Whether it's a company picnic, a family-oriented retreat, or a "Bring Your Family to Work" day, Bunny Gurus can elevate your events and make them truly inclusive and memorable. These furry guests will create an enchanting experience for both adults and children alike. 

BunnyGurus @ Work


Bunny Gurus Proudly Trusted by Google and its engineers and employees.


Bunny Gurus Proudly Trusted by Rivian and its engineers and employees.

Stanford University

Bunny Gurus Proudly Trusted by Stanford University and its engineers and employees.


Bunny Gurus Proudly Trusted by Baidu and its engineers and employees.

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