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We bring our mobile petting program to your educational institutions, such as schools and universities, that benefit students, faculty, staff and the broader campus community.

Proudly Trusted by Stanford University, Santa Clara University and a large number of Bay Area private and public schools and School Districts including Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Los Gatos, Menlo Park. 

Benefits to your students 

BunnyGurus Stress Reduction: 

Interactions with therapy bunnies provided by BunnyGurus can help students manage the stress and anxiety that often accompanies exams, deadlines, and the demands of college life.

Support for Diverse Needs:

Bunny therapy provided by BunnyGurus is inclusive and can cater to students with diverse needs, such as those with disabilities or neurodiverse students, offering emotional support and inclusion.

Enhanced Mental Well-being: 

Spending time with BunnyGurus' bunnies can boost mood and emotional well-being, helping students cope with the ups and downs of academic life.

Improved Concentration:

Bunny therapy, offered by BunnyGurus, can help students refocus and concentrate, making it easier to study and absorb course material.

Benefits to Teachers & Professors

Stress Management:

Professors face numerous responsibilities, including teaching, research, and administrative tasks. Bunny therapy sessions provided by BunnyGurus can help professors relax and manage stress.

Improved Teaching & Learning:

A more relaxed state of mind, with the support of BunnyGurus' bunnies, can enhance a professor's ability to teach effectively and students' capacity to learn.

Positive Work Environment:

A happier and more relaxed faculty, supported by BunnyGurus, can create a positive work environment that benefits not only professors but also the quality of education delivered to students.

Mental Health Support:

Professors can experience burnout and stress due to the demands of academia. Bunny therapy offered by BunnyGurus can be an excellent resource for mental health and self-care.

BunnyGurus @ Campus

Stanford University


Bunny Gurus Proudly Trusted by Sunnyvale School District and San Francisco School Districts


Bunny Gurus Proudly Trusted by Sunnyvale School District and San Francisco School Districts

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