Therapeutic Mobile Petting Events

What we offer for the sessions

BunnyGurus: The SF Bay Area's Premiere Therapeutic Mobile Bunny Petting Program
BunnyGurus: The SF Bay Area's Premiere Therapeutic Mobile Bunny Petting Program
Bunny Gurus: The SF Bay Area's Premiere Therapeutic Mobile Bunny Petting Program

Attendees's experience

Our focus is constantly on making sure all attendees with no exception enjoy being with our rabbits, being with us and getting the best possible experience. Interacting with our rabbits is very entertaining, and also therapeutic. We make it educational, and bring as much laughter as possible.

The petting time is spent entirely in an interactive manner with the bunnies and with our staff.

Attendees will be able to feed the bunnies hay, vegetables and fruits. Kindly note that we allow attendees to carry bunnies only through our staff approval and assistance.

Our staff creates a very friendly environment that everyone benefits from! The staff assists attendees as needed and provides funny informative talks about bunnies, their lives, how to care for them, train them and keep them happy.

We allow attendees to take pictures / videos of themselves with the bunnies. We do not allow taking pictures of our staff or other guests without permission. We take pictures and make them available securely to the event host. 

The rundown of our petting zoo program

BunnyGurus Introduction

1. Introduction

2. Feeding

3. Shows

4. Interactions

5. Stories

6. Photos

General Requirements (review details here)

Sign Waiver Form

Event organizers and all adult attendees has to read, agree and sign our waiver form.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers have to be used before and after handling the bunnies for everyone's safety.

No Offensive Behavior

Such as shouting, screaming, forcefully grabbing, holding or carrying the rabbits.


Our setup is designed to be flexible to suit different types of events. We offer standard packages for private gatherings like birthday parties and tailor custom packages for larger community or business events. The cost of custom packages depends on number of attendees, enclosures, bunnies. Our setup is highly scalable, allowing us to accommodate  a couple thousand attendees in one day. We require a minimum of two hours. 

BunnyGurus set up with bunnies, play pens, designs, technology, food, and more.

Example Packages 

Standard residential package

Medium size community events:

Large size community events:

Extra Large community events:

Please note:

How does pricing work?

We strive to accommodate budgets for both residential consumers and businesses (including non-profit, public, and private sectors), all without compromising the quality of our services. Our pricing structure encompasses staff fees, rental fees for equipment, and mileage costs. Additional charges may apply for specialized requirements such as canopies and tarps. Moreover, fees are incurred for access to our innovative VR/360 services, including pre-recorded content and custom recordings tailored to each engagement.

Staff Fees

$100-$300 per enclosure per hour (2 hrs minimum for group events).

Rabbit Fees

$30-$75 hourly rent  per bunny based on rabbit age, experience and nature of event.

Car Fees

$2 per driven mile, roundtrip. Additional fees may apply for congested traffic.


Cancellation is permitted in the case of unavoidable emergencies, such as health issues, and a full refund of the security deposit will be provided. In the event of rain, we offer indoor options, subject to circumstances. 

Seasonal Add-On Activities

For an additional fee, we can offer these activites at your events.

BunnyGurus Seasonal Add-On Activities

Other Mobile BunnyGurus Petting Options 

We offer private in-person emotional support sessions.

Therapeutic Mobile Bunny Petting Events