Here at Bunny Gurus, we value those who want to connect with us. As a non-profit who find it hard to stay upfloat, we welcome those with kind hearts looking to help.

By sponsoring Bunny Gurus, your company joins a cause that's about more than just animals - it's about fostering community connection, promoting mental well-being, and advancing responsible stewardship of nature.

Approved by Google, Tesla, Rivian, Baidu, Stanford University, Santa Clara University, and several Bay Area School Districts. 

Bunny Gurus: Sponsor Us


Corporate sponsors can contribute significantly to our operations. Financial aid would help us sustain and expand our mobile petting zoos, maintain the wellness of our bunnies, and cover the salaries of our dedicated staff, ensuring the continuation of our impactful programs.

Bunny Gurus: Sponsor Us


Corporations could endorse specific Bunny Gurus events, such as our "Corporate Family Day". These special occasions allow employees and their families to connect and relax in the company of our bunnies, strengthening the bonds within your organization.

Bunny Gurus: Sponsor Us


Unique, bunny-centered sessions or workshops at your premises offer a refreshing way for your employees to unwind, promoting work-life balance. This creative approach to team-building also supports mental health, contributing to a positive work environment.

Bunny Gurus: Sponsor Us


Bunny Gurus and corporate sponsors could co-host programs targeted at schools, care homes, or charities. These initiatives spread joy to children, seniors, and underserved communities, reflecting your company's commitment to social responsibility.

Bunny Gurus: Sponsor Us


Corporate sponsors can collaborate with Bunny Gurus to endorse responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. Together, we can produce educational resources or host events, raising awareness about the importance of animal care and the unique role rabbits play in our ecosystem.

Bunny Care

Your donation helps us provide top-notch care for our beloved bunnies. We ensure they have comfortable habitats, nutritious food, and regular veterinary check-ups to keep them happy and healthy.

Education and Outreach

BunnyGurus is committed to educating the public about responsible pet ownership and the well-being of these adorable creatures. Your contribution enables us to create educational materials, host workshops, and visit schools to spread awareness about rabbit care.

Community Events

We organize events that bring the joy of bunny cuddles to everyone, including those with limited resources. Your donation helps us reach out to schools, hospitals, and community centers to share the love of bunnies with those who need it most.

Lont-Term Sustainability

Donations help us maintain the sustainability of our operations. They enable us to plan for the long term, ensuring that BunnyGurus can continue its mission year after year.

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