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We're a team of scientists and engineers specializing in cognitive science, computer engineering, and psychology (UCLA & UC Berkeley). Our tailored classes cover subjects like science, psychology, agriculture, environmental studies, social and emotional learning, art, and community engagement. From preschool to high school, we customize our programs to suit different age groups and bring them to schools.

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Bunny Gurus: bunny educational programs for schools

Bunny Gurus Educational Programs for Schools

At Bunny Gurus, we bring the fascinating world of bunnies into classrooms, offering educational and interactive sessions that captivate and inspire students of all ages. Our programs are meticulously designed to not only educate but also to entertain, making learning about bunnies an unforgettable experience. With lessons tailored to suit different age groups, we delve into various themes, all through the engaging lens of bunny interactions.

Educational Journey by Age

Innovative Educational Tools

Our dynamic educational approach employs a variety of tools to ensure a comprehensive learning experience:

Our Educational Mission 

Our educational sessions are more than just lessons; they are an invitation to students to explore the natural world, understand the importance of care and empathy, and to learn valuable life principles through the gentle eyes of bunnies. At Bunny Gurus, we're committed to providing an educational experience that not only informs but also transforms, encouraging students to foster a deeper connection with nature and the creatures within it.

Invite Bunny Gurus to your school and embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and inspiration. Let's nurture a generation that's not only knowledgeable about nature and animals but also deeply connected to the principles of kindness, sustainability, and emotional intelligence.

Elevate Your Gardening with Bunny Gurus

At Bunny Gurus, we're passionate about enriching your gardening journey. Our unique approach incorporates sustainable and organic practices, ensuring your garden thrives. Here's how we support your green thumb:

Premium Rabbit Manure for Lush Gardens

Dive into the benefits of pure rabbit manure, a potent and direct source of nutrients for your plants. Ideal for enriching the soil around both established and newly planted trees, our rabbit manure promotes vigorous growth without the need for additional fertilization.

Multi-Purpose, Nutrient-Rich Compost

Experience the versatility of our unfiltered manure blend, enriched with a variety of hay. This all-in-one solution acts as a powerful fertilizer, a moisture-retaining mulch, and a nutritious feed for your earthworms, enhancing soil health and plant vitality.

Abundant Organic Manure for Ambitious Projects

Planning a large-scale garden? Our extensive supply of top-quality organic manure supports the simultaneous planting of numerous trees, eliminating the wait for soil enrichment. Achieve your gardening goals with our reliable, nutrient-packed manure.

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