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The SF Bay Area's Premiere Therapeutic Mobile Bunny Petting Program, In-person and Digital via Augmented Streaming/ 360/ VR/ AI experiences. 

📍 Serving SF Bay Area Community.

🌍  Innovative therapeutic Bunny experiences for everyone in the physical and digital worlds

Experience the unique blend of bunny therapy, entertainment and education with Bunny Gurus. At the heart of our approach is the gentle nature of rabbits, combined with the latest in behavioral and cognitive sciences, to foster an atmosphere of peace, love, and joy. Our innovative use of technology alongside animal therapy offers a safe, in person and digital experiences that uplift mood, boosts mental and cognitive abilities, and provides interactive comfort. Join us in spreading fun, love, and emotional well-being across the SF Bay Area.

Trusted by Leading Institutions

Bunny Gurus proudly partners with esteemed institutions, including Bay Area public and private schools, and has earned the trust of renowned corporations such as Google, Tesla, Rivian, Baidu, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, San Francisco Symphony, and Santa Clara University. These esteemed collaborations validate our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional events and experiences.

Experience pure joy as you connect with our fluffy bunny friends at BunnyGurus – a therapeutic mobile bunny petting zoo in the SF Bay Area.

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Stanford student enjoying BunnyGurus @ Work, carrying a fluffy bunny for a delightful break on campus.

Spreading joy and benefits for your business, employees, customers, partners, families, and community!

Bunnies bringing joy at BunnyGurus in SF Bay Area – a mobile bunny petting zoo for therapeutic moments

We come to you: private parties, corporate and community events, birthdays, and much more!

Young boy at Cupertino Union School District campus, joyfully feeding bunnies with BunnyGurus

Spreading joy and benefits for your schools, colleges, universities, students, faculty, and staff.

Insured & trusted petting mobile service provider with Commercial General Liability Insurance.

Why Bunny Gurus?

We take great pride in being home to  a very diverse and hand-picked collection of highly trained therapeutic bunnies. Our commitment to providing a unique and comprehensive program makes us a valuable asset for meeting our community's emotional support needs.

Our team and program is carefully designed and delivered by cognitive science, behavioral studies, and computer science researchers from both UCLA and UC Berkeley.

Therapeutic bunny services in the San Francisco Bay Area
Bunny Gurus: Animal / Bunny therapy through Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and 360° technology.

Partnering with DeepSAFE Technology®, we aim to recreate the therapeutic benefits of our animal therapy programs in a digital format. This innovative fusion of technology and animal therapy is designed to offer a unique, safe, and therapeutic digital experience. It's tailored to enhance mood, decrease pain, improve mental and cognitive abilities, and provide a comforting, interactive experience.

Our Bunnies

Our bunnies undergo hundreds of hours of dedicated training to excel in providing emotional therapeutic support. They are thoughtfully chosen representing a variety of breeds, ensuring a diverse and customized experience for those seeking fun, love, peace, happiness and emotional well-being.

Group of different bunny breeds trained to be emotional therapeutic support for all ages
Cute emotional support bunnies being fed apples, carrots, and lettuce by kids, adults, and the elderly.
Therapeutic bunny relaxing and sitting down

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be an integrated partner within the diverse ecosystem of Silicon Valley. 

We aspire to collaborate with schools, universities, businesses, non-profit organizations, behavioral and mental health professionals, non-profit and community organizations,  utilizing the transformative power of interactive bunny experiences to instill love, provide emotional support, and promote therapeutic benefits.

BunnyGurus: A Mental Health initiave in the Bay Area